Towards a circular water management model

The traditional linear water management model that wastes resources has ceased to make sense in a context of climate change and vast inequality. The situation in communities with fragile economies is increasingly serious and intelligent water management is key to socially just economic development.

The transition to circular models includes innovation, dialogue, reuse and integral solutions. A common challenge that we feel very involved in. We have all the technologies and offer the best solutions to respond to this great opportunity.



ACUSTER was created in 1973 as a family business of components for water and gas supply networks. At the beginning, it was characterised by being a pioneer in the introduction of polyethylene accessories and welding machines to the Spanish market.

The company’s trajectory changed course in 2005 when it was acquired by Jaume Puig, current Managing Director of Grupo Acuster, who laid the groundwork for projecting it to the world. From then on, the objective was to become a global provider of technologies and infrastructure management.

The new management team set an ambitious plan for the concentration of companies, which integrated complementary solutions that multiplied their solvency and potential. The acquisition of companies in recent years has resulted in the creation of a large international group with a complete portfolio of technologies.


Water security is one of the main global risks related to socioeconomic development. According to the World Bank, “the world will not be able to face the challenges of sustainable development for the 21st century (human development, habitable cities, climate change, food and energy security) without improving water resources management and ensuring access to reliable water and sanitation services”.

Water is goal number 6 on the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations Organisation (UN). At ACUSTER, we are committed to the implementation of projects 100% aligned with the SDGs, as well as to the evaluation and measurement of the social impact of all these projects through key performance indicators (KPI).

Along these same lines, we issue an annual financial report for our shareholders that includes the results of the social impact arising from all our projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Positive interaction with the environment is socially, economically and environmentally essential for us. We accurately measure the impacts of our activity on customers, employees, shareholders, the ecosystem, local communities and society in general. The countries where we operate are especially fragile and we are aware of the great social responsibility that entails.

Our CSR actions are mainly focused on four pillars:

  • Environmental impact of our commercial activities.
  • Commitment to communities and transfer of knowledge to their populations.
  • Communication projects for social awareness in terms of inequality and social injustice.
  • Participation in solidarity initiatives that have a positive impact on the territories where we are present.

Around The World

Clean and accessible water for the entire population is a common goal for the world in which we want to live. There is enough fresh water on the planet to achieve it. However, due to poor management of the global economy and poor infrastructure, millions of people, including children, die every year from diseases associated with inadequate water supply and sanitation and hygiene problems.

Water scarcity, poor quality and inadequate sanitation negatively affect food security, life expectancy and social and economic opportunities for poor families around the world.

Currently, more than 2 billion people live with the risk of reduced access to freshwater resources and, by 2050, it is likely that at least one in four people will live in a country affected by chronic or recurrent shortages.

Avoiding this situation is a huge challenge for us. We will dedicate all our efforts to those actions with real impact in regions with serious situations of inequality over access to water.


We provide technology and know-how of European origin to support underserved market niches in countries with great possibilities for economic development and social rebalancing, located mainly in Africa, Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

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