Integration of technologies for intelligent solutions

The water technology sector consists mainly of multiple independent manufacturers with a single technological approach. However, the market increasingly demands comprehensive solutions.

In this context, we detect the need to meet emerging, frontier and less developed markets, and the opportunity to offer all the products and services that intelligent water management requires, with a wide range of our own brands.

Our size, flexibility and ability to establish new strategic relationships with other manufacturers allows us to offer developing countries solutions in the complete water cycle.


Acuster Technologies


In the water technology sector, we are backed by more than 30 years of experience in more than 40 markets around the world. Our catalogue consists of a large number of products for all the needs of our customers.

We have the recognition of the international market for our complete range of fluid conduction technologies.

We innovate to offer more and better solutions. We currently provide accessories and compression valves of PP, PE and PVC, as well as iron and brass, and we are specialists in the manufacture of machinery and tools for pipework systems.








We create our own designs, select raw materials and subject our products to strict controls. The quality of our products is recognised with many certificates and we guarantee our work with a strict after-sales service.

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Water is a limited natural resource and its use requires making the growing demand compatible with its conservation and respect for the environment. Increasing the pressure on available reserves makes more rational and sustainable management indispensable.

In this area, we provide various efficiency technologies, such as measurement, leak detection, pressure control and sectorisation systems.

Efficiency in the use of water means taking advantage of available resources intelligently. In a context of water scarcity, pollution and overexploitation, doing more and better with less is to guarantee the preservation of water, its quality and the environmental impact related to its use.

Improving efficiency over the water utilisation system means increasing productivity and maximising value throughout its cycle, as well as allowing greater socio-economic benefits for businesses and communities.


Ensuring access to quality water and sanitation to prevent contamination of reserves is an objective set in the international agenda, since the eradication of extreme poverty and disease control in poor countries depends largely on it.

We establish alliances and strategic acquisitions necessary to offer the best water purification and treatment technologies.

Currently 2.3 billion people in the world do not have basic sanitation facilities and at least 1.8 billion drink potentially contaminated water. The consumption of non-drinking water and poor sanitation are the main causes of infant mortality.

Solving the problem is profitable for both investors and the communities that need it most.