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Inspections that we carry out in Ivory Coast for the local water company SODECI, with the aim of detecting water leaks, air pockets and other anomalies with the NAUTILUS detection system of the AGANOVA company. These first inspection kms is a pilot project that an alliance with SODECI must carry out, among other collaborations, to review a much greater number of kms each year.

Work: Adjamé-Plateau
Material: Ductile Iron DN 600 mm
Working pressure 6 bar
Average flow 1600 m3/h
Distance to inspect: 5200 ml
Fluid: Water

Work: Traversée lagunaire M’pouto
Material: Ductile Iron DN600 mm
Working pressure 3 bar
Average flow 1500 m3/h
Distance to inspect: 1400 ml
Fluid: Water